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  1. Did anybody catch what Imus and his sidekick said about the Rutgers women's BB team?
  2. Imus suspended for two weeks
  3. The Great Al Sharpton
  4. All those whining about the Imus fallout
  5. Here's where I DO think the Imus thing and our priorities are out of whack
  6. I'd just like to say, "Fuck this administration and the shitbags on the Supreme court"
  7. 10 minutes to buy a gun
  8. Anyone see the coverage of Pat Tillman's brother testifing to Congress
  9. More PROOF that McNabb may be RACIST.
  10. even if the phillies take baseball away
  11. OT: It's all fun and games until ...
  12. Forty Years Ago Today
  13. I saw SICKO last night.
  14. Are you too sensitive to be on a MB that doesn't cater to your political opinions?
  15. You know, I'm in favor of allowing fairly open immigration to the US, but stuff like this makes me wonder
  16. HOLY SHIT!!!! This is a SAD, SAD day for wrestling fans - Entire Benoit family found dead
  17. I support "Bong Hits for Jesus"
  18. Confidential to BigMike
  19. Wow - Ann Coulter is on Hardball.
  20. BigMike is a dickhead
  21. nm
  22. I can stop think...
  23. I'd love to roll a sloppy, fat, fag
  24. So Big Mike gets banned for personal attacks, foul language, etc.
  25. confidential to maniac
  26. confidential to IE
  27. Confidential to Mike in whatever sizing (c)
  28. Where's the squirmy, fat faggot at?
  29. ok fun's over
  30. Hey Ref... Mumia Abu Jamal
  31. Bush commutes Libby sentence
  32. Hey, if you got busted for smoking a joint, would your sentence get commuted?
  33. Kinda funny how Bush took pride in giving no clemency for death penalty cases but lets Scooter scoot.
  34. I can see arguing/discussing w/Ballsy, Fuzzy, Riccardo
  35. Confidential to IE
  36. OT: Bush's Army
  37. Hey, Duck. Let me make it simple
  38. Oh, by the way....Sicko is having an impact.
  39. When the FO Goons Come for YOU
  40. Is this we can make fun of homeopathy?
  41. This is a test ©
  42. Test
  43. I'm new here & have a few questions....
  44. BigSlizz
  45. ADMINS! Time To Ban The Nose
  46. Let's Vote!!! Cataldi's Nose yay or nay!
  47. What's up with the main board??
  48. Well, since we can't post on the regular board, as far as today's game...
  49. Praise All That Is Holy -- I'm Not Alone!
  50. Eagles hotel???
  51. Laughing at Auschwitz (aka, "Tha Banality of Evil")
  52. Booooooo!
  53. Is anyone out there at the switch?
  54. This shit is Wangnuttian
  55. dec. 2 game
  56. This political post brought to you by Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez
  57. Andy needs to put his boys in a better position for success
  58. I try not to openly criticize Bush, but....
  59. 2 more cops shot in Philly?
  60. "You can't stand the truth." nm
  61. Who are the admins of this board?
  62. WTF is up with the main board?
  63. OT: The Official Iowa Caucus Prediction Thread
  64. OT: Iowa Caucuses Early Leaders
  65. Huckabee wins Iowa Caucuses!
  66. OBAMA!!!
  67. wooo! "obama" at top of ooc board!
  68. Fuck Politics!
  69. I guess he means well????
  70. Clinton pulls the Hail Mary again.
  71. Support the troops Dick!
  72. Test
  73. test
  74. test
  75. Fuck you, assholes!
  76. Is this the Gods and Generals board?
  77. I'll decide when political season is over
  78. This right wing Hawaiian governor is a bull dyke
  79. Don't Republicans speak at the RNC?
  80. ACK!
  81. Why is Sarah Palin wearing flats?
  82. World champion snow machine racer?
  83. mayor of a town of thirty....
  84. Is this the whitest crowd you have ever seen in your life?
  85. I think Giuliani got a better rise out of the crowd
  86. That was a good close-up of her ass
  87. Nice shot of the teleprompter scrolling by there.
  88. will somebody punch rudy in the face already?
  89. These crowd shots are scarier than anything Stephen King has written
  90. Doesn't she know that B-52's hairdo is out?
  91. imagine having to listen to her voice for 4 years
  92. Those old geezer Vets with the Burger King hats on.....
  93. anyone see the Orthodox Jew in the crowd?
  94. Wow, lots of hockey moms in the crowd.
  95. Thank God it's over
  96. I'm liking this Out of Control board
  97. speech is over....now lose the glasses and hit the stripper pole!
  98. seriously, mccain is about 100 days from a coffin
  100. McCain looks and moves like dorf
  101. and the Country Concert as the finale
  102. I can't wait for the debates
  103. Excited to see the market tank for the next few years
  104. i bet levi johnston was high as F tonight
  105. Those were some big milk duds on the knocked up one.
  106. 4 days holed up to read a speech is one thing.
  107. IE was the Human Research Engine.
  108. what's this crap about obama raising taxes 5% vs 3% for mccain
  109. Bawahahahahaha.
  110. So Sarah Palin is totally against earmarks
  111. Check out the pussy on Palin!
  112. 44 year old with five children. A pregnant 17 year old.
  113. Wasilla City Hall pic, I'm not making this up.
  114. Anyone else starting to get the idea
  115. The Grand Old Prisoner is about to come out!!!
  116. Did you see them strong arm that woman out of there?
  117. mccain is like paterno
  118. Seriously. I'm not making this sh*t up.
  119. Uppity Obama
  120. McCain's Speech
  121. And the most popular candidate on either ticket is...
  122. Sports figures donations to candidates
  123. Wow
  124. Give 'em Hell, Joe!
  125. Interesting/Funny/Sad
  126. Great tailGAYte today everyone!
  127. Sarah Palin was bitten by a moose tick!
  128. If you carry around a deer head w/ spine attached, are you at risk for Lyme Disease?
  129. Ahh, what might have been.....
  130. Bwah!
  131. Oh hell yeah
  132. September 11th
  133. Oh boy
  134. I think McCain took some ginkgo
  135. OMG
  136. Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?
  137. Sarah Palin casually entertains the notion of war with Russia
  138. I just bought this shirt...
  139. Planning on getting raped in Wasilla?
  140. Palin debates McCain
  141. Sarah Stalin?
  142. Biden, you cheap bastard
  143. JOE BIDEN = Berds fan!
  144. Bwah!
  145. Inside the DNC War Room
  146. I find this interesting.
  147. Palin, you bilking whore.
  148. Looks like Lehman Bros. is going to go under tomorrow.
  149. $400 haircuts vs. Tanning Beds
  150. Burger King is supporting McCain
  151. Partying while Americans suffer
  152. Obama
  153. Palin staff won't testify in trooper probe
  154. Politicians Lie, Numbers Don't
  155. Sarah Palin song worth listening to!
  156. GOP at it again in Florida
  157. Remember the Keating Five?
  158. Republican President equals major banking troubles?
  159. Obama 2:1 favorite
  160. Is this economic meltdown a false flag?
  161. Burger King is having McCain on his show in a few minutes.
  162. Is this really happening?
  163. The truth comes out!
  164. Isn't it nice that JJ, under his stupid Schneebly personna....
  165. Chush Guevara
  166. Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers Lawyers Lawyers
  167. Classy Stuff here
  168. This time, it's personal
  169. It's me and the Conservative Rep. House holding out.
  170. I have to tell you something
  171. My Political Screed
  172. John McCain's Next 10 Hail Mary Stunts!!
  173. An Example of an Irresponsible Home Loan
  174. At least there's one Republican
  175. Game on
  176. Obama's getting his ass kicked up in this B
  177. In all honesty,the debate bet McCain and Obama was a tie.
  178. This will be pure comic gold
  179. Palin/Biden Debate next week
  180. Biden's Sure-Fire Debate Winning Line
  181. Does an Obama win help us just because...
  182. Nice quote...............
  183. Bawah
  184. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  185. Putin rears his ugly head
  186. Someone eplain to me why I should care about this bailout plan failing?
  187. The notion of the 'free market' is a myth
  188. If this economic collapse had happened...
  189. Matt Damon vs. Sarah Palin
  190. Lou Dobbs: Hooray for those who defeated bailout
  191. Lou Dobbs isn't buying the credit crunch.
  192. Drill BABY DRILL!!!!
  193. In case you want to call your congressman about the a redone bailout bill
  194. Jesus.....this pic could keep you up at night...
  195. I rarely read Kelly Green's fishwrap
  196. If you don't like negative campaigning
  197. The beers are on ice...bring on the VP debate.
  198. OT: The Debates give me a headache
  199. O know the expectations for Palin were very low,
  200. I didn't know General McClellan was in Afghanistan
  201. Bailout passed. -nm-
  202. 25%
  203. Couldn't we have had this same market meltdown ...
  204. I know I'm biased...
  205. Please give me three reasons to vote for your candidate
  206. My Fellow Prisoners
  207. WTF! Palin dropping the puck at flyers game saturday?
  208. Palin dropping the puck?
  209. I never thought of renters in this mortgage crisis
  210. WOW.
  211. From the desk of John McCain
  212. OT - holy dumb fuck
  213. New York, New York big city of dreams.
  214. Ah, those Republican Family Values
  215. Since it is abundantly clear Obama is going to win
  216. Can McCain and Palin be Prosecuted for a federal crime?
  217. Madonna does not like Sarah Palin.
  218. So about Acorn
  219. Chris Buckley
  220. Confidential to BigFan and other dbags
  221. Matt Taibbi schools Byron York
  222. In the interest of fairness...
  223. Point and laugh at McCain
  224. "Parents are going to have to show more responsibility."
  225. Obama's Ad Team is Brilliant
  226. New Sickening Link between Obama and weather underground
  227. Joe the Plumber is an ass
  228. Joe the Plumber is part of the Keating family.
  229. Who are you calling racist?
  230. Bwahaha OMG
  231. Those Palin supporters in Ohio sure are informed and not racist at all
  232. The GOP and the income tax.
  233. The self-deprecating comedy of Barak Obama
  234. Palin will be on SNL tomorrow night
  235. Joe the Plumber is an ass, Part II
  236. Bwah
  237. God Help me
  238. Dumbest. Senator. Ever.
  239. Only assholes have tax liens
  240. The Guilt By Association Game!
  241. Prison reform. Gotta watch this.
  242. Interesting fact about 'redistributing the wealth'
  243. Another Crazy Radical aligns himself with Obama...
  245. Okay, I mailed my ballot for Obama
  246. so Rush says that Powell endorsed Obama only because Obama is black
  247. foreshadow or gravedancing?
  248. So are all of you Western Pennsylvania
  250. Hopefully,the Phillies take it in 4 games!