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Is Reid (FF) larger than ever? Or just looks that way?

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  • Is Reid (FF) larger than ever? Or just looks that way?

    Is it that red shirt? Serious question. I've always been sincere when I feared for his health. He looks bigger than I've ever seen him. Or is it the red?
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    He looks like the Apple from Fruit of the Loom


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      wearing black every day made him appear lighter. wearing red makes him look like he's about 2 pieces of carrot cake away from a coffin.

      In all seriousness, he needs to address this and sooner than later or he'll be dead by 60 if he doesn't lose a shitload of weight. Or lose a limb at the very least.




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        Have to say ... I didn't like Kelly coming out in the same Johnny Cash look that Reid used to sport on the sideline.
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          he should have come out for his first game looking like this:


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            The Big Tomato!!
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              If the KC vs Eagles game is in December and not now, people may have mistaken him for Santa and we'll get blamed for throwing snow balls at Santa again!