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How Do You Take Brandon Graham Over Earl Thomas?

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    Chances are pretty good nobody knows WTF would have happened if they had drafted Thomas like they should have.

    It's now obviously a moot point ... but there were a lot of moving parts beyond that play as the reason why the Eagles went on their run and won that game ... shit, I changed seats intentionally right before the strip sack happened.

    So maybe I'm the reason Schvantz called the NASCAR package and Graham or anyone else, thus, could have made that play.
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      Any truth to the rumors that the Eagles were looking to move Graham for a pick ?
      The blog I read said Eagles were super tight on the cap, won't be able to re-sign him next year and were considering moving Brandon Graham for a 2019 draft pick, opening up $7 million in 2018 cap space. They noted Derek Barnett and Josh Sweat represent cheap youth behind him...

      Seems like there are other places to find cap space, but wondered if there is any merit to those comments from the cognoscenti at igglephans


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          Months ago, on 247 Sports, Jeff Kerr put on his Eagles site that the 49ers were interested in trading for Graham before the draft. But we're talking March. I just went back on the site as far as I could and couldn't find it but that was only till April.