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Huge game for Temple

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  • Huge game for Temple

    Cincinnatti was the preseason pick to win the conference, and they hung a 2-point home loss on the Owls last year. That should end any "letdown" talk.

    But I know Old Guy (is he still around?) will back me up on this...Cincinnatti's Nippert Stadium is one of the most interesting venues in college football. It's the second oldest continuing site for college games behind our own (and sometime Temple "home" field) Franklin Field.

    This year Nippert added seats, club boxes etc. in an expansion program lobbied for by Brian Kelly before he took the Notre Dame job. I went to Nippert back in the 80s before all that, but it looks like they did a great job of adding this stuff and preserving the look and feel of the old yard. I think it seats about 40,000 or so.

    Shows what is possible in an urban campus setting for a football program that has turned around. I would love to see Temple build a 40,000-seat on-campus stadium.. Would be great for Philly, North Philly and for sports fans in the city.
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    It's Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!

    U have to say it like Trump.....DT on Fallon tonight,,should be worth a laugh..Trump is funny as hell..Fallon on the other hand....
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      I always said Cincy is the kind of program Temple should strive to be. And they're not that far off.