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I'm busy. Can't read now. Is Wentz getting tossed in?

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  • I'm busy. Can't read now. Is Wentz getting tossed in?

    Is this really true or bullshit!

    Holly shit if true because this season just got real for me!!!! Not in a win sense but extremely excited to watch him assuming this is true.

    (New kitchen cabinet rape discussion with vendor)

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    Dude, don't buy cabinets. Ricardo built them for a living for 30 years.


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      DQ and Ricc, Bosom fucking buddies.
      500 internet fights, that's the number I figured when I first joined igglephans. 500 internet fights and you could consider yourself a legitimate internet-tough guy. You need them for experience, to develop leather skin. So I got started. Of course along the way you stop thinking about being tough and all that. It stops being the point. You get past the silliness of it all. But realize that's what you are.


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        gator girls
        John Erlichman, one of President Richard Nixon's closest aides, has admitted America's "War on Drugs" was a hoax designed to vilify and disrupt "the antiwar left and black people" when it was launched in 1971.