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My first-ever live Eagles game was vs. Brownstains

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  • My first-ever live Eagles game was vs. Brownstains

    My favorite Eagle in the early 60s was an all-pro middle linebacker named Maxie Baughn. Even back then, I loved to watch great defense.

    It may have been the home opener but I know for sure it was an early-season game on a sun-splashed warm afternoon at Franklin Field, a day better suited for beisbol.

    The Browns had a running back even the youngsters may have heard of, guy by the name of Jim Brown. I knew he was good but I had faith in #55 in green.

    As I sat on the bench seat, next to my dad, we were right on top of the action. Franklin Field's legendary sightlines gave us a great view as Brown took a handoff and smashed through the line and up the gut...and then RAN RIGHT OVER MAXIE BAUGHN. As I absorbed that fact I absorbed something worse, a literal kick in the head from a man seated in the row behind us. He was apparently shifting in the uncomfortable bench seat and my head got in the way.

    This is the way the game went. A handoff to Brown, a bruising run, Maxie Baugh flat on his back in his wake and then BOOM a kick to the back of the head.

    It was sometime in the third quarter, probably 100-plus yards in the bank for Brown by then and a dozen boots to the coconut felt by me.

    I finally worked up the courage to turn around and look at the guy.

    He was pulling a bottle of hard stuff out of his sock and belting it down. Then putting it back in his sock. Suddenly everything made sense.

    It's never easy being an Igglephan.
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    Happy new season!

    Kinda wish they were starting today. It will probably be swamy or super hot weather next weekend.
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      thanks man

      cant wait to see yiz all
      Officially awaiting Douchebagnacht II since
      May 7, 2010