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Betas on here wrong about QBs

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    Originally posted by GreatYear View Post
    Delusion everywhere in here.

    Wentz throws nothing but short screen passes and looks for the safety valve all the time as he will never hurt an opposing Defense deep as he is to scared to go there and when he does it results in a pick cause his accuracy is stuffed deep down the field.

    12 INTS and 3 fumbles with still 3 weeks to go is hardly encouraging considering the game Carson plays always looking for the safe option.

    Us having WR's that cannot catch an open ball also does not help but fuck me look after that ball.


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      Originally posted by slag View Post
      Who's this deep threat he keeps missing?
      .....guess we are ALL missing or somebody else has the Super LaLa Expandovision.

      FYI Donnie Mac....4.9 passing yards avg in his rookie year, Carson currently at 6.5.
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