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WTF Garrett went nuts and swung a helmet at Rudolph

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    saw the end of the game last night,,,craziest end of a football game i have seen in many years if any...absolute batshit


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      Originally posted by Spartan92 View Post
      Cracked him right in the head.. Never seen anything that messed up in a game like using a weapon. Dude should be tossed and charged with assault

      Edit to add: tossed means for the year period !
      My God! It looked like a Popeyes Chicken parking lot out there.


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        Originally posted by slag View Post

        Although I doubt Rudolf presses charges, there are clearly ways to charge him criminally ... I was only referring to Garrett benefitting (with a criminal charge or an NFL sanction) from the fact that Rudolf didn't get hurt ... the potential for charging him with attempted this or that notwithstanding.
        Word. What's nuts is, what Pouncey did, when you take out the fact that Garrett still had his helmet on, was just as bad. He tried to stomp on his head. I think they play each other again in a few weeks. Hopefully all of the Steelers WR's are out of concussion protocol.
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          This forum is soft. And nothing about the Steelers players stomping on Garrett's head? And press charges? Are you serious?

          Like, the game is one where a man broke his neck by driving his helmet so hard in to another player. Andre Johnson took off Finnegan's helmet and beat the fuck out of him. What is with this outrage over a glancing hit from a helmet? lol
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