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No Fine for Clowney Hit

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  • No Fine for Clowney Hit

    Talk about BULLSHIT !!!

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    The NFL is an absolute abomination. How that is not fine worthy is ridiculous. Da fuck outta here with that hot garbage protecting the fucking dumb stripes who made the mistake not calling it in the first place.

    This league is so ass backwards it's laughable.


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      Shawn Smith immediately doubled down and called it incidental helmet-to-helmet. He basically invented his own extra-legal excuse for a blatantly illegal hit. If the NFL was going to fine Clowney, they'd also have to discipline Smith for clearly not knowing the rules. They weren't about to pick a fight with an official or the referees union... player safety be damned.


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        Does Smith know the rule that says when a runner's arm and knee are on the ground after being tackled then the runner is down???? Look at the replay. Wentz's knee is down a split second before Clown-Ass hits him. The Ref had to see that. But if not how could he not see that Wentz's left arm is already down well before C-A cheap shots him. In fact the way Clowney's head is turned, HE would have saw his arm was down. Not that that was going to stop him. The NFL officials have sunk to a new low. Ratings mean more than players safety or that a game has a fair outcome. I truly hope that Clowney gets what he deserves and soon. He's a menace on the field.


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          Supposed to be protecting QB's in this league, I guess not Eagles QB's, he is a runner yes but he is a QB who is either giving himself up or going to the ground so he is not supposed to be touched.


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            They made it worse by fining Cody Ford for what was considered by many as a bad penalty call
            The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe'