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The determinists have overtaken Igglephans

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  • The determinists have overtaken Igglephans

    These distant Wangnutian cousins perceive a 60 minute football game as an interconnected causal experience absent free will.

    Should you be sacked, this event is inseparably related to some a priori event. You were sacked because four plays earlier your wide receiver did not catch the pass on a similar route which revealed the present route’s form and function and led the defense to some knowledge of your projected future routes or the inability of your receiver to complete the catch forced you to call other plays like this one on which you were sacked.

    It is impossible for you to be expected to succeed on your subsequent individual plays because you should not have had to run that play in these circumstances to begin with.

    This incompatibalism of cause and free will means that from the moment the game begins, on the first play, the rest of the plays are somehow more probable to call or execute.
    Charismatic megafauna.