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Doug is an Evil Genius!

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  • Doug is an Evil Genius!

    He's obviously been purposely playcalling to make Carson look bad.

    Because hates gingers?
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    Maybe Wentz doesn’t want to run the same offense as Doug
    "We choose to go to the moon."


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      I have seen enough games the last 4 years where the offense looked better with the backup to convince me that the HC is not the issue. I suppose it was Andy’s thing too outside of Mike McMahon


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        Wentz got his money and I believe he is the problem. The players say they have Wentz's back, that is total bullshit. The offense was fun to watch today. The running game is what sets up the pass in the this offense. Hurts' pocket presence was very good today and did not take a sack by holding onto the ball.


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          Cmon man...pederson is a fuckin moron


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            You used all the glue ON PURPOSE!


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              Gotta give him credit. Players played hard, he went for it on four fourth downs and except for the sneak did well. And ole Shorts had the D playing well.

              Question is whether we can repeat this for 3 more games or will teams have figured us out.
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