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Howie tried to trade up to 3 for QB Zack Wilson

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    Originally posted by Spartan92 View Post
    Fell apart moved back. Guess Hurts isn't Howie's or Lurie's boy either. Hurts must feel really good right about now hahaha. These guys are fucked. Incoming B C J for sure.

    Don't draft a sure fire perennial pro bowler like Chase, Surtain or Pitts at 6 just trade back and draft a guy who should be picked on day 2 like usual.. Hahahha. Wow
    I’ve seen this a few places but according to an SI article by Albert Breer from this morning...Howie began talking to the Phins a couple weeks ago. I’m not sure this screams “Jalen is NOT our guy”...

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      I am fine with the Birds not being all in on Hurts yet, they like us only saw glimmers of what he can do and would be extremely prudent to hedge their bets and possibly three first rounders can do that. Why get a receiver at 6 if your qb cant get him the ball like Wentz, so I wil support their actions on Hurts for now.
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        Originally posted by BigSlizz View Post
        Hurts isn't Wentz. He had enough experience with this in college to be stable in this situation.
        Who cares? Hurts is a bum. Only QB to actually put up worse stats than Wentz last season. 9 Fumbles. 1-read and go, linear runner. He sucks.

        Sewell is gone at 12 and they are really weird with picking Guards/Centers. I don't remember them drafting interior OL in the 1st round since Danny Watkins.

        It'll probably be Waddle or something like that.
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