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Lots of winnable games left on the schedule

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  • Lots of winnable games left on the schedule

    I have to go back on thinking this team would only beat the Jets, Giants, and Lions. The only remaining teams on the schedule that are completely out of the Eagles' league are Tampa, LAC, and (as it stands now) Dallas.

    8-9 would be a frustrating outcome, but I'd rather see this regime beat bad teams (and a couple decent teams) than throw a high draft pick into a bad situation and risk going musical coaches.

    Having Miami's first next year really seals that. Jacksonville and the Jets aren't picking a QB. Eagles have a good shot at getting the 2nd QB in the 2022 draft class. Miami was insane to make that trade.

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    History tells me they will win a game they aren't expected to and lose a game they are expected to win. This season ending in satisfaction isn't anywhere on my radar - I'd take 8-9 if they resemble a well coached team in January. Doug's first year had a stretch so bad I thought that he might get fired - but the beginning and end of that season they looked well coached.