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Da Dungeon’s doctrine: Go Goodrich!

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  • Da Dungeon’s doctrine: Go Goodrich!

    Just as Goodrich tires were always better than Goodyear, UFDA CB Goodrich is better than many drafted CBs!

    Howie is paying him accordingly!

    And move over mustache, you’ve got some STRONG UFDA competition breathing down your neck! And he’s a Carson to boot! WOOOOOOOOOO!

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    Move over Jalen, Carson Strong is no slouch, he was seen as a 4th or 5th rounder but because other QB's fell so bad he was overlooked. 8 teams wanted him as a UDFA and the Eagles got him. Not saying he will come in and win the starting job but do not be surprised if this kid is the #2 and could find himself in the mix down the line somewhere.


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      I watched Goodrich play many times. I’d really like to say he’s better than meh but I can’t.

      Justyn Ross would walk into the number 3 WR spot in Philadelphia. His neck injury spooked everyone. Damn shame,