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Where is Jordan Davis?

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  • Where is Jordan Davis?


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    Hope he wasn't getting his Phelps on


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      Reading that Davis was actually one of our best run stoppers on the day and that his lack of snaps was on our genius of a DC.


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        Least # of snaps out of 5 DTs yesterday. If this was Gannon’s doing, it won’t be long before Coach Howie gets involved


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          Why is Gannon still here. Just because he is buddies with the HC doesn't make him qualified for the job. He sucks, and did so last year too.

          Edit to add: if your HC is a rook his DC should in my opinion be seasoned no new at the position. I bet the vets don't even listen to him.
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            Caplan and Mosher say he's not ready for more work.

            Mosher: It is very rare that human being out of 11 is going to change the complexion of the game. Yes, you can have a pass rusher cause a lot of havoc and get the quarterback off of his spot a lot. You can also have a run defender – and Jordan does this well – cut into the gap and redirect the running back to the point where he has to cut back and he gets tackled. But he gets tackled. The point is you can have a catalyst, you can be in the run defense, but at the end of the day, you need your teammates to be up to speed on the defense, too. What you saw, whether Jordan Davis was on the field or not, was just a piss-poor display of technique, form, angles from all levels. There were a couple of guys that played well, but you just saw a lot of bad tackling that Jordan Davis cannot cure on his own. There were rushing touchdowns that happened when Jordan Davis was on the field.

            Caplan: It starts in practice. Guys who perform at a high-level play more. Doesn’t matter how many years you play. This kid, physically he can handle more snaps. Performance-wise, he’s not ready. There’s so much he needs to learn.
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