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I have this idea to fix officiating.

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  • I have this idea to fix officiating.

    Replace the current, part time zebras with highly trained, highly guarded death row inmates. Five years of service, you go free. Three blown calls and the fanbase you screwed the most gets to stone you.

    I think things would be better.
    -Slizz of Wangnutz

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    Not a bad idea or just use cameras to officiate the games with spotters to place the football since the refs constantly screw up anayayws.

    Beat ideas is coach can challenge any play with his 2 challenges. Same rules apply as they do now but coach can challenge any damn play. That would alleviate a lot of blow calls that cost team games. Not that that call was why we lost but we've seen bad calls too many times.


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      I still can't believe they somehow missed that flagrant face mask penalty. You could see on the one camera angle of the replay footage the ref standing behind the play was looking right at it. In other news, I still can't stand Gannon.