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Eagles Fan Experience in New Orleans [Week 11 and Divisional Playoff Round]

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  • Eagles Fan Experience in New Orleans [Week 11 and Divisional Playoff Round]


    Hello Eagles fans!!!

    My name is D. Arthur Turner IV. I am a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan like everyone else here. I am originally from Lancaster, PA but live on the West Coast now. I am also a documentary filmmaker. I traveled around the country and world with the Eagles to EVERY AWAY GAME in the 2018 season as we defended our title. The Eagles fanbase is HANDS DOWN the best traveling fanbase in all of American Sports and I wanted to capture that passion via film. I interviewed many fans at tailgates, getting their perspective. My ultimate goal is to submit my documentary to Sundance Film Festival in September 2019.

    I wanted to discuss my experience in New Orleans the two times I visited this past season. Hopefully this experience will assist you next time we play the Saints or if you're ever in the city for vacation. I have a few points I want to go over when traveling to this enemy territory. Especially with a passionate fanbase like the Saints.

    1. The food in New Orleans is amazing. Some dishes to try is the Po' Boy Sandwich, Gumbo, Seafood, Crawfish, Beignets @ Cafe Du Monde, Pho (large Vietnamese population) and soul food.

    2. Alcohol is easy to come by and very cheap compared to Philadelphia. If possible, buyWangNutsAlcohol off the french quarters because its marked up due to Tourism. Got to try the Hand Grenade drinks on Bourbon Street.

    3. Bourbon Street is very fun but crowded most of the time during any part of the year. My suggestion is to go to Frenchman Street first, where you can get authentic music with less of a crowd. I strongly suggest Frenchman Street, if you are a person who wants the NOLA experience without the crazy large party crowd scene on Bourbon. Both areas are great tho.

    4. If you are there for an early season game or in warm months, take a tour of the nearest bayous to look for alligators. In Winter months, alligators hibernate. The Bayous are beautiful where you can see lots of wildlife.

    5. When it comes to game-day at the Superdome, head to Champions Square before kick off for some music, food and drinks. Its a large football party outside the stadium. (I got most of my interviews there)

    6. When inside the Superdome, BE CAREFUL!!!!! New Orleans Saints fans have a sort of rough reputation as well. And they like to showcase it when the Eagles come to town because of our reputation. Both times we played there, I was threatened each time for being an eagles fan. Week 11, a Saints fan who was very drunk, was picking fights with other Eagles fans. Then wanted to fight me because I tried to tell him that you have to be careful around Eagles fans, because we are known to be on the rough side if prompted. After we lost, I was walking back to my hostel and a group of Saints fans were heckling me and egging me on to retaliate.WangNutsWangNutsAnd week 19 in the divisional round of playoffs, when we were up 14-0, I was celebrating like any other fan would (not over the top). The Saints fan seated right next to me said "by the third quarter, I will most likely ear-hole you if you keep it up". Fans from both teams near us agreed that the fan was out of line.WangNuts

    7. Overall, besides the NOLA Saints Fan interactions, I enjoyed my time in the city both times.

    If you're interested in the tailgate interviews I filmed. Head over to my Production Company's Youtube Channel, D.A.T.A Productions, to see all my different interviews from the 2018 Season. Here are the two links from my New Orleans Visit: Subscribe to my channel as well. GO BIRDS!!!!!

    Week 11:

    Week 19 (Divisional Round):
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