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  • Brown returning

    Per Woj :

    Brett Brown will return as the Philadelphia 76ers coach next season, managing partner Josh Harris told ESPN on Monday night. Harris, Brown and GM Elton Brand met today to discuss offseason priorities, including draft and free agency.

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    Put it to bed. It was the only play.


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      Players all seem to want him back and that counts for something. There is no obvious alternative that screams "updgrade" to me.

      I'd like to see him do two things this offseason: get Simmons comfortable shooting 10-15 foot jumpers in games and develop an offense that doesn't revolve around Embiid handling the ball at the 3 point line on every possession.
      "Listen to McCarthy" - Art Vandelay


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        Once Monty williams left for Phoenix you pretty much knew hed be back.

        Im fine with it actually. Nobody better out there.

        Its not his fault Jenner wont shoot and Embiid is out of shape and hangs st the 3 point line. It falls to them to want it. Do they want to be champions or stars?
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          Embiid hangs out at the 3 point line because that's the offense they are running. It's stupid and counterproductive because Embiid would probably exert less energy running an offense with him primarily in the paint. That's on Brown, not Embiid's junk food habit, IMO.

          As for Simmons, I think Brown has a say in the matter. At this point he should start benching him if he passes up open jumpers in a game. Brown has been good to him - he owes it to Brown and the team to get to work on this.
          "Listen to McCarthy" - Art Vandelay