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“We” appear to have had a fantastic draft

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    Westbrook's legacy hasn't aged well. He was one of my favorites at the time, but I'd take Shady or Sproles over him. As a runner, I'd take Howard hands down.
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      Ok. I'll retract the dumpster fire and go with "mess." There are too many "ifs" (even you cited a couple), SB guys are now 2 years older, lots of sacks went out the door with Long and Bennett, and the secondary is a joke. Time will tell, but IMHO the D will be worse this year.


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        All of this is mental masterbation

        But the feel of that TO offense was mighty potent
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          Really, Sproles? He's exciting, but from 03-08 Westbrook basically doubled Sproles' typical production if not more. He was a top 2-3 RB for 2-3 years.

          I think Westbrook was a better runner than Howard too, but they're completely different backs. No offense will ever revolve around Howard, but there's no need for that. He just needs to get what the OL gives him in tandem with a couple other guys.

          Shady over Westbrook I can see.


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            Horses for courses ... I think they're looking for Howard to bring the smash mouth break-a-tackle option for the QB in the RPO that was missing without Blount and Ajayi.
            Obscenity is the last refuge of an inarticulate motherfucker.


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              the O is stacked, best ever I believe.

              The only questions I see here is the corner and LB positions, corner being the most glaring issue.

              Now I may be wrong and they may be better this year but I really dont see a true #1 corner. We will see !


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                Apparently ESPN disagrees...according to them we have the worst collection of under-25 talent in the league.



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                  That fourth quarter catch and run touchdown Westbrook had against the Bucs was as good as you’ll ever see. You know, the one in the Matt Bryant game.

                  The Eagles have eaten more shit from Tampa Bay over the last fifteen years or so than from any other team in the NFL, if you think about it.