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    there is no story here. the media really needs get over it.

    vick is starting because he's played better than kolb.
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      Well now I feel more comfortable that the organisation has put in Vick because they have Kolb in mind and still want to develop him, hoping this helps.
      "One Strike away, nothing and two the count to Hinske. Fans on their feet; rally towels being waved. Brad Lidge stretches. The 0-2 pitch - swing and a miss, STRUCK HIM OUT! THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES ARE 2008 WORLD CHAMPIONS OF BASEBALL!"
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        Jim Harbaugh never coached here.
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          Originally posted by Big Little View Post
          Thanks, just figured it was John

          Well yes that would work as well, I am at the point anyone besides FF works fine by me!

          Chucky or Chin would get it done for me.

          A breath of fresh air.
          A healthy role model as their Leader.
          A new approach.
          A new voice.

          Definitely some boots up some asses!

          And, maybe-just-maybe, ...... the END of the Eagles' W.C.O. area!!

          Let us pray.