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  • I miss Michael_33

    Well, not really. He pissed most of you off and even annoyed me somewhat, but man I could sure use a dose of his eternal optimism right about now.

    Figured I'd post here since our teams are playing next week. ES is in full-blown crisis mode, hundreds of people who never log on are now logged on just to trash the team, and the board is practically unreadable at the moment.

    I'll say one thing for this place, your lower number of members makes the place easy to keep up with, and have conversations that don't get derailed by ten others.

    I have to assume you all are feeling pretty confident at this point? I would too if I were you guys. I wish you were still playing Kolb.

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    Your D always plays us very tough. This will be the first really big test for Vick IMO. I think its impossible to feel really confident about a Reid Eagles team. They could shit the bed any given sunday.


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      No way to tell three games in. Jax was really bad. Next week is a toss up.
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        I'm going to assume none of you watched the Skins game since the Eagles game was on at the same time, but here's what I can tell you. For one, Steven Jackson was out for half the game, so they had no real running threat. Their all-world free safety, Otogwe...yeah, he was out for the second half as well, so they had no leader in their secondary.

        It didn't matter. Now I know McNabb isn't totally welcome in these parts anymore, but he wasn't the issue today, and he's still a nice upgrade over Campbell. The Skins currently have a real round peg-square hole going on with our defense and this 3-4 transition. Orakpo is really good at one OLB, but that's about it for our front 7. We have undersized MLB's, Andre Carter is lost at the other OLB position, and our D-Line tries, but the talent isn't really there without Haynesworth giving max effort.

        Laron Landry has decided to actually be a football player this season, but he's been the only real bright spot of our secondary. We're getting killed on those 8 yard out routes, or quick slants that turn into 12 yard gains, and our run defense is pretty atrocious.

        I'm not too worried about the run defense because I know Reid is more inclined to call a passing game, but those slants and out patterns are killer right now. I'm basically praying that Vick decides to have one of those "Vick Games" that he occasionally had in Atlanta where he goes 12-28 and doesn't run much.


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          The last two drives ended in McNabb getting intercepted and McNabb throwing the ball short in the middle with no timeouts -- something I'd get used to if I were you.


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            Originally posted by RSE View Post
            ...something I'd get used to if I were you.


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              I'll agree that McNabb was an upgrade for you, but at this point, the rest of the team around him is going to have to be more productive for him to be the difference-maker. Enjoy what you get out of him, but don't get your hopes too high--you'll see why we wanted the Eagles to move on from him.

              I think you're right about needing the old Vick to show up next week for the Redskins to have a chance, though. However, if the Eagles run next week as much as they did today (more than I expected), Vick will be depended upon less.

              Are the Jackson and Otogwe injuries expected to last through next week?
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                next week is a complete toss up, each week the skins have played you have seen three different teams.

                this week was a completely new team full of incompetence.

                like they completely stopped playing the run when jackson went down, then got ran all over.

                the whole game was fucking hilarious.

                there was even a blocked FG.
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