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Vick in the red zone

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  • Vick in the red zone

    Vick has led the Eagles to seven touchdowns in eight trips inside the red zone, an area where Reid-coached teams struggled in the last few years.

    That is unreal, given what we are used to...full article here:
    The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe'

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    That is damn

    Impressive, and the one he missed on was against Green Bay when he could have easily strolled in!

    He's looked good man, real good


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      Thats impressive. If FF truly has taught him how to play QB in addition to his feet skills the guy could no doubt be ridiculous.

      I just hope his field smarts have gotten better. I want to see him changing out of plays, recognizing the hot route shit like that.


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        That is one thing that I have noticed.. Vick has definitely pretty efficient in the red zone, in the air and on the ground as well. I am still skeptical that his play will continue though, as the Jags were another powder puff defense. I mean - they start Consimeau at safety. After he was patently horrid for the Iggs.

        But that being said, bad defense or not - Vick is making plays in the red zone much moreso than we've seen from the team in the past few years. I guess we'll see if it keeps up.