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A rare interesting read from GCobb

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  • A rare interesting read from GCobb

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    I'd like to see how many times Kolb was blitzed compared to Vick

    Kolb is a young QB and he won't be respected by defenses until he has some success. They'll blitz the sh*t out of him and dare him to do something. Add to that this p*ss poor offensive line, FF's stubborn unwillingness to change the game plan to help Kolb succeed, Vick being run out onto the field every other play, and you have the recipe for Kolb's failure.


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      Cobb Hits it...

      He has had some good reads this week....


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        Abridged version, if you're in a hurry

        Cobb says Maclin, Jackson and Klob are pussies.
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          i think he nailed it with jackson and maclin. this has been the best reason to start micheal vick in my mind and i hadn't even thought about it. if your personel is built for a deep threat big play offense it makes more sense to have vick as your qb.

          kolb is a west coast qb but this isn't a west coast offense.

          i also feel that kolb is getting a raw deal on his play. who knows whether or not he is tough after 1 half of football.


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            Bwahaha - "let me repeat that..."
            The Eagles are boneheads. This is one of the top 10 biggest bonehead trades in the history of the NFL. - Chris Cooley 9/15/2010


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              Vick has been blitzed constantly the last two games I think. Thats the way defenses feel they can contain him.


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                It is a good read, and I would add this

                When you send your WR's deep, you stretch the defense. The DB's have to go deep, too. That puts added pressure on the LB's to cover the middle of the field and short/intermediate passing routes, and opens up lanes for the running QB.

                I don't know how a defensive coordinator game plans against that.


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                  Yes he has been ... but he gets off throws with guys draped on him or he breaks the tackle and moves ... like on his td run.

                  He's an athlete that Reid wanted to get in the game for some plays even when Klob was the starter because he does shit no one else does.

                  He got a break that put him on the field as the full time qb and surprised the shit out of everyone with his discipline in the throwing game ... Reid included, IMO.

                  At the same time he's so remarkably athletically superior to Klob that it appears to me that Reid was forced to consider a move ... and he made it.

                  But, as Joffrey said numerous times, Detroit and Jacksonville suck ... let's see how he does in a Division game Sunday.
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                  Obscenity is the last refuge of an inarticulate motherfucker.


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                    And Shady gets a step after every handoff because the defense has to be sure Vick handed it off.
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                      Hes making me come around with his play. The Skins D always seems to play us tough. If he can keep it up against them im a believer.

                      Hes the better choice over Kolb with the current Oline. FF knew Kolb wouldnt stand a chance to succeed back there. Speaking of the line, didnt it seem to play a bit better when Wells came in for Cole?