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Are any of you rooting for McNabb in regards to the 2011 Draft

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    You'll hear how much of a threat they'll be in 2011-12 anyway. They are are the odds-on favorites to win the Offseason Lombardi, for the 12th consecutive year.


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      Originally posted by Irish George View Post
      dont you defend that racist team name? Dont you bend over and take it up the ass for no walking access to the stadium, the year you PAID to attend training camp? blaming pepper spray incident on eagles fans etc etc etc.

      If you are a foreskin fan you are a blind homer

      I don't really defend the name, I can see why it is offensive. I generally call them the 'Skins anyway. I drive to every game and tailgate for hours, so walking access isn't an issue for me. I also didn't pay to attend training camp, I don't usually go to it but one day per year.

      As for the pepperspray, who knows, I wasn't there that game. But I figure it like this. If it was all Skins fans, it probably wouldn't have happened. If it was all Eagles fans, it probably wouldn't have happened. I'm pretty sure both sides were at fault, but you don't honestly expect your average Skins fan to take the blame for something like that, do you? If it had happened at the Linc, my guess is most Eagle fans would have blamed our guys. Plus, let's be honest, your fanbase is a convenient media foil, but that's not really something I personally can control. You should probably take it up with the guy referring to all of you as proletarian trash.


      Anyway, thanks to the rest of you who vouched for me; I'm not here to stir stuff up. IG hates me double, not just for being a Skins fan, but also because I'm a Penn State guy. So I'm twice as bad in his book.