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Brian Baldinger on Sex Panther

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  • Brian Baldinger on Sex Panther

    "You always had to be careful what you said about him or around him. He took everything personally. He was uncoachable. His mechanics were awful. But you couldn't say, 'Donovan, put your elbow up,' or 'Donovan, straighten out your toe.' He wouldn't respond to it. He'd go into a funk."

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    The name "sex panther" still makes me laugh every time I read it.

    I'm just curious how Baldinger knows this. He wasn't his coach. I'd be curious to know who relayed this information to him or if it was just something he somehow observed.
    "Listen to McCarthy" - Art Vandelay


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      Baldinger probably assumes those things, it wouldn't really be that far-fetched. After watching Skip Bayless and Eric Davis debate AL cy young and MVP, anything can come out of the talking heads mouths. Donovan IMO has a fragile psyche. It still perplexes me how he was shocked to be benched against the ravens.


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        He's just a "more flies with honey" guy...Andy knew that and the proof was in the 00-03 pudding


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          Baldy is not a big McNabb fan.

          Against the Rams, McNabb had a decent game statistically, but if you look at four critical drives in the third and fourth quarters (after the Rams went ahead, 21-16), he was four-for-11 passing with a sack, an interception and only two first downs.

          “With Donovan, the more things change, the more they remain the same,” Brian said. “He is rushing things, throwing behind guys, throwing at their feet. He will make the occasional ‘stick’ throw, but he can’t make it consistently.

          “He has made some good plays, but he seems confused at times. You find yourself asking the same question as before: ‘When it’s time for a big play, can he make it?’ You look at the red zone numbers and third down numbers and you’d have to say the answer is no.

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            Yeah, he seems to really have lit into him since he left Philly. I wonder why? Seems like there's something else there besides just football, not that his observations are totally inaccurate.
            "Listen to McCarthy" - Art Vandelay


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              Balby is pathetic

              Puts fucking Kiwi Cordoban shoe polish in his hair.... Screams loser...