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Bunkley is being phased out

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  • Bunkley is being phased out

    Trevor Laws is getting more snaps at tackle than Brodrick, every game so far. And Laws is getting pressure - he got two sacks last week.

    There's no way the Eagles give Bunkley big money after this season, not with Mike Patterson under contract forever.

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    Bunkley is 2x the player of MPatt
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      but neither of then can colapse the pocket. Laws has been the last two weeks, maybe the freakin light bulb went off in his head.
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        He's not that much better than Patterson. Some scouts like Mike better, others say Bunk is more consistent against the run.


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          I think hes better too. I just dont get it. Bunk is stronger and just overall a better player coming out then Laws. Is it scheme? Do they just tell Bunk and Patterson to hold their own against the run and not try to pass rush?


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            They had to un-do all the shit coaching he got at Notre Dame.

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              One of these guys needs to step up. With all the attention the DE's are getting its perfect timing for laws to start playing hard.

              I am so excited for this D-line.

              This defense is a draft away from being special.
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