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Doesnt McNabb rolling out play into our favor?

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  • Doesnt McNabb rolling out play into our favor?

    I noticed they are rolling him out alot. Weve been getting alot of edge pressure but not a whole lot up the middle. I think they are gonna roll him towards Grahams side alot Sunday and it plays into our hands. Either way I see a good amount of sacks Sunday with that fat target holding onto the ball too long back there.

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    No, No, A Thousand Times, No!

    That was always my biggest bitch about McNabb when it came to the passing game -- he chained himself to the pocket instead of rolling out and moving to get away from the rush.

    In the pocket he's a stationary target. Every D-lineman, every linebacker and D-back on a blitz knew exactly where he was going to be and could converge on that one spot.

    However if he rolls out he's getting away from that -- it means defensive players on the other side of the field have farther to run and it completely negates the pressure up the middle from the D-tackles.

    We don't WANT him to roll out -- the Deadskins are doing that because it's the best way to keep him healthy and it also makes him FAR more dangerous on the off chance he decides to do what he hates the most and runs!
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      The roll out passing game;

      Was McNabbs staple at Syracuse! If Reid would have employed it more, McNabb might still be here with a SB ring!

      McNabb is a line if sight passer, the roll out gives him better open passing lanes! He hasn't had to throw a single crossing route pass since he has been in DC,
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        For years that was a bone of contention on this board.

        Whether Andy played to Donnie's strengths versus trying to pound the square peg into the round hole. It will probably be argued for quite some time whether Andy's pig-headedness in that regard cost the team.
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