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  • Warm weather vacation advice

    posted this on Facenutz and got some good responses.

    where would you go...anywhere in the world but must be warm weather Dec 26 through New Years and a perhaps a few days past New Years...rules out most of Europe...

    Money no object.

    Humorous or serious replies welcomed, thanks.
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    Perth, Western Australia. Then drive south down the coast and check out all the beach resort towns.


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      Following KG's danno thread...

      Hawaii. If you haven't been there yet, check it out.
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        I just went to Aruba and it was bliss.

        Money no object, go to Bora Bora and stay in a hut over the ocean.
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          Tenerife in Spain.


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            New Zealand

            My brother in law is a NZ native, and from the pictures he's shown me, it's a BEAUTIFUL place. Plus, I believe the time period you gave is smack dab in the middle of summertime there.
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              Here's something different



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                They hit the obvious choices : Aruba, Hawaii and Australia/NZ. You say money is no object, but what about time? To do Hawaii right, and especially Australia/NZ, you need to invest a lot more time into the trip than Aruba. More travel time is needed to get there, as well as time at the locale. Aruba is a small island that you can do in several days. Just keep in mind that it is a desert island, not a tropical island -- very very different than Hawaii or tropical islands like The Bahamas. The bet part of Aruba is you virtually no risk of bad weather. Highs in summer are 82, Highs in January are 80. Weather is basically the same all year. If you want a tropical island and cannot afford the time required to get to Hawaii, consider Paradise island in The Bahamas.

                You are hitting peak times at all these places so be prepared to pay top dollar for flights, accommodations and while you are there.

                If it was me and time was not an issue, I would do Australia/NZ -- have never been there, but it is on my short list. If you do go and you enjoy wine, make a point to hit the vineyards in Marlborough, New Zealand. Their Sauvignon Blancs are considered best in the world right now.

                Good luck. You won't go wrong with any of these choices.
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                  St. Barts ... private villa ... yacht in the harbor.
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                    Turks & Caicos


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                      OMG, don't do Paradise Island

                      It's a tourist trap. Stay out of there. I don't even get off the ship when I'm in Paradise Island. It's like bad Vegas meets Carribean.


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                        Need more information

                        Who is going on this trip? Is it a trip with IGette? Is it you and a lady friend? Need to know this sh*t to advise you properly.


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                          Hookers and blow

                          the locale is your choice


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                            Very nice.

                            Sounds great.


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                              Excellent idea with Bora Bora. That's a dream spot for me, but it's a loooong, expensive trip.