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Vick to teamates" Think Superbowl" Theyre backing him to

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    Maybe Vick plans on playing CB instead of QB.
    Originally posted by NorthJerseyEAGLES:

    "I know I'm stupid"


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      Originally posted by Ivan-d-terrible View Post
      Sorry Harls,,,,,,,but you just sound like whatever Vick does it wont matter so you just try to fluff kobbler.

      I am willing to bet when the game is on you are not really this obnoctious.

      Oh and by the way if you have been calling for Mcnabbs head all these years then you got bigger problems than hating Vick.

      All jokes aside.

      I really dont think either Vick or Kobbler will EVER be able to hold

      MR. Mcnabbs jockstrap. That is real talk.

      I wasn't calling for McNabb's head. I only mentioned McNabb because a young McNabb and Vick have alot in common. Both were good scramblers both are not very accurate passers. That said Vick was a better scrambler then McNabb although he always went for the Highlight instead of playing it safe with a slide. But while Vick was a better scrambler McNabb had the edge as a passer.

      Vick will have his good games I just find it hard to believe his accuracy will be consistently that much better at 30 then it was at any other point in his career. With FF as our coach accuracy is a premium.

      If Vick has truly changed and learned how to throw accurately he is by far the better option at this time. In the long run if they don't handle things right I could see them losing both Vick and Kolb. That is my biggest concern.