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Watkins is the oldest player ever selected in the history of the NFL

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  • Watkins is the oldest player ever selected in the history of the NFL

    Jesus. 23rd overall. Are you kidding me? You could have used that pick to move up and get an animal. This guy better turn out to be Anthony Munoz.

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    You Got Dat Right...

    ...but I'd be happy with another Bob Brown, which is probably before your time, but for that era, the man was a stud-and-a-half.
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      If he's good, he'll be worth it

      Teams don't have unrealistic expectations of draft picks. If they can get six years (most of them as a starter) from a high draft pick, they're thrilled.

      Look at Corey Simon or Lito Sheppard. They were all good, productive 1st round picks. And they were done as Eagles after 6 years.

      Plenty of good, starting NFL o-linemen are in their early to mid 30s. The position requires strength more than speed and shiftiness, like with a running back, defensive back, wide receiver.


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        Aye, as long as he doesn't develop any knee / back issues, he could play into his mid 30's (just look around the league). We drafted spongetits at 20 or 21 years old and look how that turned out.


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          I don't think so

          Chris Weinke was 28


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            Originally posted by JuTMSY4 View Post
            Chris Weinke was 28
            Maybe oldest in the first round.
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