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We still have no pass rush....

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    Originally posted by JofreyRice View Post
    No, I've looked at the postseason stuff, and we've had this discussion before.
    I was talking about Jimmy but the same could be said about Cole (as I stated in previous post).


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      ha ha, yeah, my mistake.
      "The fact is, we carefully edit our reality, searching for evidence that confirms what we already believe. Although we pretend we’re empiricists — our views dictated by nothing but the facts — we’re actually blinkered, especially when it comes to information that contradicts our theories." - Jonah Lehrer


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        The first thing I think of when Utley is mentioned is 5 HRs in the World Series against the Yanks. It sucks he's got physical problems.

        Reyes would 'TO' this locker room. He's a clown.


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          I'm particularly concerned because if Reid and co. plan on using Dmitri Patterson and Trevard Lindley at corner this upcoming year, and they do NOTHING to help Cole.......
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            Originally posted by JofreyRice View Post
            probably too rich for Lurban's blood, tho. It would be cool to have an athletic 290-300 pound end setting the edge over there, especially since the Eagles are likely to have bums at LB again, but I can't see them doing it.

            Ray McDonald is another good 3-4 DE that can rush the passer, and he'll be a FA, too.

            I forgot, another Eagles bargain basement type guy is Dave Ball, who racked up 7 sacks for Washburn in Tennessee last year in only 11 games. He's really shit against the run, tho. 255 lbs. Fastballz.

            And an injury-plagued Bargain Basement Eagles type guy is probably Mathias Kiwanuka. The Giants jerked him around between end and OLB, and now they have Tuck, Humanurine and Jean-Francois Pierre Jacques in front of him. Prolly hits the market.

            My money is on Babin coming back, I think he would comeback for a "reasonable" amount that would be FO friendly. JMO.