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    Originally posted by JuTMSY4 View Post
    Actually (I'll find the thread later), I said the Ibanez signing was going to be bitched about in his 3rd year

    As far as Cardenas, remember how long it took Utley and Howard to show up
    314 games
    51 homers
    71 doubles
    178 runs
    186 rbi
    .812 ops

    When you think about it and just look at his numbers so far through the three seasons, that's not horrible production for the money paid in baseball today, especially considering he was a major clutch performer on a team that went to the WS. One article I read (may have been from the Baseball Prospectus) before this season actually said compared to other guys making the same amount he already earned the $30 mil in the first two years. Obviously he's not playing like he's worth the 11.5 mil he's making this season, but for what he's already provided for this team I'm not going to be one of the people bitching. He's certainly no Adam Eaton.

    And think about it if you average those numbers between two seasons...157 games, 26 homers, 36 doubles, 89 runs, 93 rbi... now that may ideally not be worth 15 million a year but you can do A LOT worse
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      Wow. I know you got his autograph at Spring Training, and that's neat and all, but my God.


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        Especially when you look at the production and contracts of the other Free Agents in that class; Bradley, Burrell, DeRosa, Rivera, ect. But Ibanez is a not a "money ball" player, so Jut never liked him.


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          Hmmm ........

          Originally posted by JuTMSY4 View Post
          Per wolfman
          "Here's a story, of a man named Pronger" : ................


          ..... Because "they knew that it was much more than a hunch(?)"
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