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NFL appeal hearing set, no stay ruling

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  • NFL appeal hearing set, no stay ruling

    Just saw on DNL the hearing is set for June 3rd. So no ruling til July. Looks like theres a good chance they miss games now. Never thought it would get this far.

    Now they didnt say anything about the stay apparently. Does that mean the current stay will remain or do they still need to saw one way or the other on that?

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    Ruling on the stay will come later this week, most people are guessing by Thursday.

    One thing of note, in the denial, Judge Nelson said that appeal process would take months, and that it would be unlikely to be heard before season started, that is now June 3rd, so that argument to deny the stay isn't really valid.

    edit: the expedited schedule doesn't make it any more likely that they miss games, it actually makes it more likely that the appeal will be finished before the season starts.
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      yea it may be finished before the season starts. But any FA wont happen til damn near game time. We have way to many new coaches with no time to implement anything. If this draws out until august I cant see us fairing to well this year.