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Manuel Fucked Up This Game and Killing His SP

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    Originally posted by Anthony View Post
    Should have taken Halladay out after the first hit. What is he trying to prove? How to kill a whole fucking pitching staff with a huge divisional lead?
    Ant, for a seasoned vet on these boards, you have a unique ability to post some of the dumbest shnit. Seriously.

    Roy Halladay, the MLB's premiere "mother of all aces", loves to finish games that he starts.

    You're now suggesting that Charlie should piss him off - - by telling the best pitcher in baseball - - that, for the good of the team, Bastardo or Madson or Lidge or whomever is a better qualified to pitch 9th innings of 1 run games, or pitch in game situations with tying &/or winning runners on base. Brilliant, dude, simply brilliant.

    Here's the complete list of MLB pitchers, either league, I'd rather have on the mound than Roy Halladay - in genuine, certifiable, legitimate, prime-time situations, where a meaningful game is on the line:

    Complete List of Said Pitchers I'd prefer over Roy Halladay:



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      If someone else came in and blew the game, he would have cried 'Why did they take him out?? He just struck out the side in the eighth (14 total). He hadn't pitched in a week. He almost never loses a game when he makes it to the ninth. They can rest the pitchers in September. Blah, blah, blah...'.

      Roy Halladay gets to do what Roy Halladay wants to do. He's fucking Roy Halladay.
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        If you have never been a manager/coach;

        an had to make a Leave-em in or take-em out decision; then shut the Fuck Up.
        You win some you lose some!
        "Never Look Back, Something May Be Gaining On You."