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Poor Akers and some former Eagles players

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    Alot of smart, educated people got taken by Bernie Madoff.
    Of course, you did use the word "normally" and Bernie was not normal, seeing his background.


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      Originally posted by Susquehanna Birder View Post
      Savvy people who do their homework normally aren't swindled by ponzi schemes. People who suckered into unrealistic returns for their money are swindled by ponzi schemes.

      Akers is a great guy. But it's pretty clear that he didn't do his homework, and he unwisely trusted others with his (significant amount of) money.
      What? No. Not even close.

      Savvy people aren't usually swindled by poor ponzi schemes. Savvy people can still be fooled by savvy criminals.

      Here's a list of Bernie Madoff victims:

      On the list? Fortune 500 investment companies. Banks. Athletes. Actors. Politicians. Executives, including CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. Nobel prize winners. Charitable organizations owned by all of the above.

      I guess all of them are stupid and you're just smarter than all of them. Nothing is clear because you say it is. I'm sure all 2 newspaper article summaries you've read and your sense that people with more money than you deserve no sympathy make you an expert.

      And since when did we ever expect people to be an expert at everything? Akers is an expert on kicking field goals. I guess he should be an expert on financial investment and fraud, too.

      Oh right...he's not, which is why he went looking for help which is what most smart people do when they realize they're not an expert. He asked people he trusted for advice and got directed to people they they trusted. By the same logic if you get injured in a malpractice case by the doctor your aunt recommended it's your fault for not knowing more about malpractice law or not being capable of doing your own surgery.
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        I'm not blaming anybody. I just refuse to feel much empathy.


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          Knowing that he lost that amount of money makes that billboard thanking everyone just that much more sincere. Classy guy.


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            Bingo. I guess I used "stupidity" a little loosely. I suppose "ignorance" might have been a little better. But then again, people who throw that kind of coin without doing their homework...well, it's pretty damned close to stupid.


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              Even the Madoff thing shows the way people - even so-called savvy people - can be lulled into a false sense of security by promises of high returns.

              Think about it - you have a $3.7 million nestegg, and you need to make an investment. You probably can't afford to lose it, so something safe might be the right direction, right?