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Susq Birder, you don't feel much empathy ???

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  • Susq Birder, you don't feel much empathy ???

    Gotta be a right winger. Cut those crooks' fucking balls off with no anesthesia and lets see them pull that shit. They run to a foreign country send the SEALS after their ass !! Go after Switzerland, Caymans and any other countries hiding criminals assets from the U.S.. Let those countries actually PRODUCE something ... for a change (get a real job)!!

    PS: Political campaigns should also be publicly financed so that the public is best served and any governmental official caught being BOUGHT in any way, shape or form should at minimum, be tossed away for life.

    That is just my opinion since the topic was INADVERTENTLY CLOSED and I thought you might be interested!!

    It has been kind of dead lately. BTW I'm going to the game tomorrow night. I'll be paying attention to the O-line an LB's. I kind of wished they had kept J. Harrison instead of R. Brown, just MHO. Contrary to BB opinion, I think Kafka seems right on target. He is a very good 3rd QB and will progress beyond that, probably past A.J..

    C.U. and may Perry be the Reps. candidate in 2012. What a joke that will be.

    I think I blew my wad now.

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    I see you forgot your medication today.


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      what a dope.

      I agree with you re: people who lose money in crooked investment schemes. If you know anything about investing, you know you will have good years and bad years, but 7% returns year after year are a pipe dream. NO ONE is smarter than the market.