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Banner knew the shorter free agency period would help the Eagles?

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  • Banner knew the shorter free agency period would help the Eagles?

    The theory is that other teams would have had more time to convince free agents to sign with them. Maybe it did - but I don't see why the fkkk Banner would have predicted that would particularly benefit the Eagles. I think the Rat Man just likes talking about himself to the press.

    Ironically, Banner was part of the league's negotiating team in Washington on March 11 when the bargaining talks with the players broke down. At the time, he had mixed feelings about the potential benefit of a lockout to the Eagles. While he knew a shorter free-agency signing period would help them, he was worried that a long delay would make it more difficult for them to get the trade value they wanted for quarterback Kevin Kolb.
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    The other fact is that he knew that teams like the Cowboys, Giants, and Skins would all be over the cap and they would have to make significant cuts to get under it--so while they were cuttting people to get under the cap, it enabled him to swoop in and offer these guys a deal. That benefitted him at least for Asomuagh--who was listening to the Jets--but a team that also had to make signifcant cuts/restructuring.