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Watching HOU/CINN in the playoffs....

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  • Watching HOU/CINN in the playoffs....

    Really makes me wish the Eagles drafted better.

    I just looked over all the playoff teams rosters, for the most part they are made up of guys drafted by the team, with a few holes filled with FA's. The way the Eagles USED to do it.

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    Mike McGlyn

    Houston was picking near the top of the draft for the last decade. About time they made the playoffs. Actually if they had Schaub I think they probably are the best AFC team. Nobody's going to beat the Pack.


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      Watching HOU/CINN in the playoffs...

      Makes me wonder how the hell the CINCINNATI BENGALS are in the playoffs.... playing as bad as they are. I still think if the Eagles hadn't shit the bed in the beginning to middle of the season, we'd be fookin deadly right about now.
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