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Default Well it's obvious, isn't it ??

Originally Posted by Mississippi-Fan View Post
Black Woman Tortures 12 Yr old to Death w/ Welding Torch
The liberal press only wants to see White people suffer. They never talk about Blacks killing Whites. They never talk about any of the terrible, no good, very bad things that we Black folk are known for. They never talk about how we go out of our way to terrorize the good White folk of this fine country of ours. On top of all that, they NEVER, EVER mention it when a pretty young White girl comes up missing. They only talk about the pretty young BLACK GIRLS that are kidnapped. We can only hope that one day, the White man will get his due in this country, and finally rise up from the bottom of the food chain and take what's rightfully his. I'm with you, brother !!
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