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Originally Posted by TRENT View Post
he had a partial and didn't opt for surgery and 1 month into camp Bang! Gone...

I had a grade 3 tear of my MCL which is bad,,,did not require surgery but I couldn't run on it for almost 6 months...So some players can play with a grade 1 tear with a brace on after a little rest,,,,With Carson its best; Only the guy who went in and did the work knows how bad it was. if it was close to completely torn, repair it and get him all the way back,,,,this was in his best interest...
As I understand it, an MCL tear, even a bad tear can usually heal on its own without surgery. An ACL tear typically requires reconstruction to replace the function of the ligament. It's possible for an average person to live and function without an ACL... many people who injure their ACL opt not to get surgery. But for an elite athlete it would require a lot of strength from the muscles across the knee to stabilize the joint.

Sharp turns in direction would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Maybe you could just drop straight back and pass but there would be little to no mobility. And isn't that one of the b*tches people have about Foles? Also, as you and others have noted the risk of truly catastrophic damage would be extremely high.
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