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Default this is a bad argument

Originally Posted by Snakebitten View Post
My only argument would be that Billy Beane would get those numbers for a lot less than $25m per. I know they have money to burn right now but you send future big ticket free agents the wrong message. Now there's a good chance we have a player like Ryan Howard (at the end of career) where we are counting how many more years are we paying him $25m. I just didn't think they needed to overspend for a declining asset and bump Hoskins to the outfield.
Bumping Hoskins to the outfield is irrelevant - He's a mediocre fielder at either position.

Having Santana gives you a professional hitter in the middle of your order. Something the organization could not have created, organically, this year (and probably next). So the Santana signing is about more than just homers and RBIs. And the results have been chasing SPs out very early in games. The money is irrelevant on this payroll or the next two years.
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