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Originally Posted by IronEagle View Post
Here is what I say. This is a true story.

During that Super Bowl week, I was fortunate to win the lottery to win the option to buy tickets. Nosebleeds. Of course I exercised the option so I had to take my now ex wife

There was nothing hotey wise available in Jacksonville. Nothing. Not a lot of hoteys in Jax.

Also if you recall that year there was only one week between the NFC Championship game and the SB.

So I started looking around and determine our best bet is to stay in Savannah, GA. There is even a guy there who is offering rides to the SB.

So I go for it.... the hotey was great. and the driver was good. We only had one other passenger on the ride back and forth from Savannah to the SB. He had much better seats than we did.

Anyway, we start riding back to Savannah and this other passenger asks me: "What were you thinking when McNabb puked at the end of the game?"

This was immediately after the end of the game-- the McNabb puking is not a legend made up.

I believe.what Runyan and Fraley said was true. McNabb puked at the end of the SB.
If this is indeed a true story, and I have no idea why someone would tell lies on the internet of all places, this closes the case for me.

No sarcasm intended.

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