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Originally Posted by SOS Crunchy View Post
^^^This times a million, Colangelo might suck but nobody thought this move was as deplorable as you're all making it out to be when it happened.

I think everyone agrees that Colangelo has been given a golden egg with the assets acquired by Hinkie, but let's chill for a sec before we determine its been squandered already.

Edit to add: Everyone thought Howie was a pencil-pushing nerd who knew nothing about building a football team and now he's touted as the best GM in the NFL. I'm not trying to compare him to Colangelo but I'm also not jumping to any conclusions until I see how this shakes out.
You make some good points here, IMO.

Not a Colangelo fan, and I know far less about basketball than I do about football and baseball. But my sense is these things can take time to play out. It's hard for a fan to judge things while they are going on. The only true evaluation can happen after the fact.

I believe the Sixers had a good year even if it was emotionally disapointing at the end.
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