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The night this happened across the street?

We were listening on the radio during the concert. Our whole section jumped to its feet on Gene's call, and it just spread around the stadium like a slow, roaring wave, until the "Let's Go Flyers" chants drowned out the Phil Collins/Chester Thompson drum duel. What an absolutely amazing night that was.
That was a GREAT Flyers squad which took possibly the greatest team in NHL history to the limit. And they did it without Tim Kerr.

I was fortunate enough to be at the Bruins game('87) when Hextall became the first goalie in league history to score an unassisted goal. We were around ten rows off the ice and the puck went into the net right in front of us...the place was bedlam. It was just total dumb luck that I was there that night in the first place as my old college roommate was given the tickets by his mom(which was given to her by a doctor she worked with in a local hospital) and I was the first person who he thought would go with him...turned out to be a magical night as the game was fierce and had a playoff vibe to it as Cashman and O'Reilly were still on the Bruins if I remember correctly.

I have waaay many more fond memories of Phillies games at the Vet(than the Eagles). #1 on that last has to be the 14-inning affair during the Sept. '80 stretch run against the defending WS champion Pirates which featured numerous fight in the stands with 53,000 on hand..Pier 9 brawls in the stands as The Bulletin described it. It was one of those games when the Phils kept falling behind and would come back to tie it. Schmidt came up in the bottom of the 8th in a clutch situation and hit one of his trademark towering blasts off the top of the LF fence to drive in two runs to tie the game...the place was going bonkers....never forget how loud it was at that moment.

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