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Boston and LA both say that's who they wanted because that's who they have. If one of them had Fultz, they'd say they wanted Fultz. If Ainge was confronted with taking the consensus top pick or passing on him, who knows? He wasn't guaranteed to be getting Kyrie at that point and he knew IT's hip was fucked.

Lavar was loud about wanting Lonzo to be a Laker, but there were reports that Magic was "in love" with Fultz after his workout for LA.

Not to mention that another team could have jumped them if they really wanted him too.

There is a high probability that trading up to #1 was the only way they were going to get Fultz for sure. Now, you can definitely make a compelling argument on if Markelle or Tatum or any player not named LeBron is worth making that trade for.
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