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Originally Posted by The Duck View Post
Tatum wasn't even in the conversation for the Sixers. All we heard was what a "bad fit" he was, and how nobody wanted another Duke guy after the Okafor fiasco.

If it wasn't Fultz, it was probably going to be Jackson or Monk anyway. Let it go. Hopefully Markelle hits puberty this summer.
^^^This times a million, Colangelo might suck but nobody thought this move was as deplorable as you're all making it out to be when it happened.

I think everyone agrees that Colangelo has been given a golden egg with the assets acquired by Hinkie, but let's chill for a sec before we determine its been squandered already.

Edit to add: Everyone thought Howie was a pencil-pushing nerd who knew nothing about building a football team and now he's touted as the best GM in the NFL. I'm not trying to compare him to Colangelo but I'm also not jumping to any conclusions until I see how this shakes out.
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