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Originally Posted by IronEagle View Post
Thing is it really wasn't a dump for the first couple of decades it was open. I think at some point they stopped maintaining it and the combination of no maintenance and age caused it to become a dump.

Probably after Camden Yards opened. The design became functionally obsolete at that time. It was still good enough to host the MLB All Star game in 1996.
I had season tickets at the top of the 700 level, under cover of the penthouse suites (we'd chant 'HIGH & DRY" to everyone below whenever it rained), from the late 80s on... back when seasons were $200 for the year, including the fake games. When I call it a dump, I mean it in the most affectionate way possible. I had some of the great times of my life in that stadium: Game 6 of the '93 NLCS, the Week 17 Eagles-Redskins game in '92, 4th & 1 x 2, the Genesis show in '87 (with the Flyers tying the Cup Finals against Edmonton across the street at the same time), the Wild Card game against the Lions, the epic tailgates (and free parking!) on Darien Street... there is (or was) no other structure on this earth where I had so many amazing memories.

The fact that it had rats the size of coyotes and always reeked of piss and Schmidt's only enhances my enduring fondness of the place.

Long live The Vet.
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