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Originally Posted by bobbyuk View Post
It is. The basic package is about $500 and the upgraded package about $680. They have a 2 game deal that goes about $1000. They have a huge tailgate section. This past season I went to see the Browns-Vikings at Twickenham and it was awesome. On the streets leading to the stadium they had food stalls and places hawking NFL merchandise. I will make one suggestion to anyone coming over. Try and get rooms in either a Travelodge or Premier Inn. Those are the only 2 places that charge per room per night. Everywhere else charges per person, per room per night.

One thing I noticed about the Wembley games is how many US visitors stay in Wembley. For my money, if any of you lot are coming over, avoid Wembley like the plague. Stay in central London or anywhere on the Jubilee line. You’ll have much better surroundings, and an easy tube ride to the ground. Wembley itself is a hole.
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