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Originally Posted by Ellsworth View Post
Kendricks is a fairly big loss, IMO. understand he makes too much. Also understand he wanted to leave & eagles were shopping him for 2-3 years.

But with Hicks inability to stay on the field losing Kendricks just sucks.

He was 2nd in tackles last year. He’s not just some guy. Dude was a solid player and now somebody needs to fill that hole. History shows Hicks cannot stay healthy so we need to find somebody who will play 60-65% of the time and be a sure tackler. Hopefully Nate Gerry can make the jump.

What’s Ernie Simms and Casey Matthews up to these days?
Seems like Corey Nelson was brought in to take Kendricks' spot.

We already know Bradham can fill in at MLB if Hicks goes down.

I'm not worried.
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