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This loss was needed!

But typical philly overreact going today. Now I'm reading that Kelce is garbage because of a few low snaps and late snaps. Pederson is not the good/great coach that engineered a 10-1 record. He's back to being "Gomer". Wentz--well, no one is really bashing him too much. The Defense is lousy. Receivers suck.

Jeezus Philly! Everyone says "I know they won't win them all" and then everyone jumps off the Whitman because they lose one. Does it matter how they lost? Would we feel better if they lost last second? Blown out?

They lost. A loss is a loss.

I've gone into each game feeling like this team isn't real. The wins were hollow.

If they win next week, then I'm going to be psyched. The true measure isn't how good you play when you are on a roll. The true measure of a champion, whether you are playing chess, boxing, golf, or team sports, is how you respond when you get knocked to the mat.

This team, if they are what we all think they are, will take this moment. This unique moment, and run it all the way to February!
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